34+ Tibetan Terrier Books for First-Time Owners

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An Eye for a Dog – An Illustrated Guide to Judging Pure Bred Dogs.

By Robert W. Cole. 

Yes – written for judges – but also for those of us interested in evaluating correct movement and structure.

Control of Canine Genetic Diseases

By George A. Padgett, DVM

This book enumerates all the known genetic diseases for each breed – as well as breed disposition, modes of inheritance, probability, etc.  Not light reading.  For those with some familiarity with genetics.

Feeling Outnumbered?

By Karen London, and Patricia McConnell

It is a great book with great practical ideas about keeping our life fun, instead of feeling outnumbered. There are great practical guides about several situations. This book is for everyone that has multiple dogs living with them.

“Mine” A Practical Guide To Resource Guarding in Dogs

By Jean Donaldson.

This book is a step-by-step guide to help dog owners identify, evaluate and treat resource guarding in their dogs. This is the same author that wrote “The Culture Clash” Jean Donaldson interprets complex animal learning theories as practical ways to deal with these issues.


By Patricia Craige

Fabulous reference piece!!!!!!!!! Every library should have one…..

Tibetan Terrier

By:  Juliette Cunliffe

Rosie A Visiting Dog’s Story

By: Stephanie Calmenson

Canine Reproduction

By Phyllis A Holst, MS, DVM

(A Breeder’s Guide) Excellent informational book

THE PERFECT PUPPY, How to Raise a Well-Behaved Dog,

By Gwen Bailey,

A Reader’s Digest Book. 
This is a helpful all-purpose reference for puppy owners and would-be puppy owners. I include it in my Litter Packages. Much behavioral information, emphasizes prevention rather than cure and positive reinforcement.  Many color photographs.


By Maxine Trottier & Rick Jacobson, Stoddart Publishing. 

A delightful children’s picture book,  about a little TT who knows the unguarded paths out of the mountains and leads two Tibetan children to refuge in Nepal. A sweet story and fabulous illustrations.


By Jane and Michael Stern. 

A humorous and truthful book about dogs and dog shows,  a wacky and wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the subculture of the professional dog-show circuit.   An enormously enjoyable read.
“I give it a best-in-book!”


By Chris Walkowicz and Bonnie Wilcox

This is my favorite whelping reference book.  It is an award-winner,
written for the novice breeder and also the experienced.  Comprehensive,
sensible, enjoyable language and prose, graced with entertaining touches of description and humor (always truthful!).


By Suzanne Clothier.

I LOVE this book, reread passages often, and am endlessly inspired and enriched.  Any dog lover/companion person should have it, not only TT folk. 

It examines and deeper the RELATIONSHIP between humans and dogs.  It addresses dog training, understanding, and communicating ‘across the breeds’.  It is consummately readable, informative, wise, and warm-hearted.  I cannot speak highly enough of this book, without dispute the best I have ever read about the canine-human bond.  “A memorable tribute to the grace, spirit, and soul of our co-pilots through life.”    

These are both by Jon Katz, an author who now exclusively writes about dogs…

A Dog Year

My scribbled recorded comments that I make after reading any book said “Wonderful!  Witty, informative, Absorbing!”  Not specifically about TTs, but hugely relevant for any dog lover and human companion.  A critic::  This is a lovable mutt of a book!”  It turned me into a Jon Katz fan.

The Dogs of Bedlam Farm

A sequel, of sorts, to A Dog Year, in that two of the earlier dogs, continue as protagonists.  This book is heartwarming, full of drama, insight, and hard-won wisdom.  Katz wrote in the Prologue:
“It is about how several dogs led me to confront my own sense of humanity and challenged me to try to be a better human being.  It’s about the startling degree to which dogs can enter and alter human life.”

The Whelping And Rearing of Puppies
A Complete Guide

Spiralbound by: Muriel P. Lee

Howell Bookhouse Inc.
AKC Tibetan Terrier Breed Video

Available at www.akc.org

The New Dogsteps

Rachael Page Elliott
Howell Bookhouse Inc.

Seven Years In Tibet

DVD Movie with Brad Pitt
Your Guide To The Tibetan Terrier

By: Emmy Manuel
Published In England

Dogs Of The Lost Valley – The Tibetan Terrier

By: T L Johnson

Tibetan Terrier Champions 1938-1988

Published by the Tibetan Terrier Assoc.
in England

The Winning Edge

by: George Alston
Howell Bookhouse Inc.

“The Other End of The Leash “

by Patricia B. McConnell, PHD.
 It was recommended to me by my mentor and it is the most informative book I have ever read. The insight as to how dogs interpret our behavior just blows my mind. And the advice as to how we should interact with our dogs is so helpful. It is a “MUST READ BOOK FOR EVERY TT OWNER”

Breeding a Litter

by Beth J. Finder Harris

McDowell’s Lyon’s The Dog in Action

(for All Breeds)

“Breeding and Showing Purebred Dogs” More Adventures On The Road To Westminster

By: Robert Freeman and Toni Freeman

This book was actually the first book in my dog library and while I do not know the authors, I feel as though I know their Clumbers.  Throck & Mortana (clumbers) taught me all my beginning foundation about breeding.  I have never been without it in time of question and it has literally been a lifesaver book.  The entire book is written about this brood bitch and stud dog who go through every stage of life as a show dog and their breeding experiences.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is breeding whether they are a novice or an experienced breeder.

Puppies For Dummies

By: Sarah Hodgson

You may remember months back Sarah did an interview for us on the Tribune and I still refer back to it when talking to prospective TT owners.  She has terrific insight into this breed and who should and should not own a TT.  Her book is filled with great training tips and wonderful information.  A must-have for every new TT owner and a great book to include with puppy take-home packets.

Kennels and Kenneling: A Guide For Professionals and Hobbyists

By: Joel McMains

While I don’t kennel my TTs, I have a large kennel with eight indoor/outdoor runs, heat/air,  a big attached grooming room & an attached 200 X 200 play yard. My four goldens are kenneled and I learned a lot from this book when we built our kennel. 
I found a lot of useful information.

You and Your Puppy

By James DeBitetto, DVM and Sara Hodgson

The Monks of New Skete – The Art of Raising A Puppy

Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook

James M Giffin, MD & Liisa D Carlson, DVM

“Good Owners, Great Dogs”  

By Brian Kilcommons 
It is a wonderful book addressing training info on puppyhood etc and understanding and solving problems

Animals in Translation, using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behavior.

Written by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson author of Thinking in Pictures.

Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can’t Get Unless You’re a Dog

(McGraw-Hill, 2004) by Darlene Arden

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