Explore China Tiniest Hotel

Explore China Tiniest Hotel

The trend of constructing hotel rooms on narrow plots of land is currently gaining popularity. In China, some guests are even willing to sleep in close proximity to the toilet. One such unique experience was shared by Chinese blogger Hei Mao Zhang, who had the opportunity to stay at what he claims to be the world’s smallest hotel in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, back in July.

The Compact Dimensions

The blogger did not disclose the name of the hotel but referred to it as the smallest hotel globally. The room he stayed in measures a mere 8 square meters. Despite its small size, the facilities inside the room are surprisingly comprehensive. There’s a bed and a toilet right next to it.

From the video footage recorded by Zhang, it’s evident that the toilet is positioned to the left of the bed, with a distance of less than 30 centimeters from the guest’s head. What makes this toilet unique is its dual functionality. When closed, it can serve as a table for placing belongings.

Additionally, there’s a sink next to the bed, allowing guests to wash their face or hands while sitting on the toilet or lying in bed.

Explore China Tiniest Hotel

A Glimpse of the Unusual Layout

Zhang described the layout by saying, “I opened the door and saw a corridor. On both sides, there were small rooms that were originally part of an apartment but had been divided into 5-6 small rooms.” However, he also noted that the proximity of the bed to the toilet was discomforting, and there was a faint odor in the room.

Perhaps due to the discomfort, the blogger only rented the room for 3 hours. While initially curious about the hotel, he quickly decided to leave due to the lingering odor.

The hotel’s rental price is quite affordable, at 60 yuan (approximately $9 USD). This budget-friendly rate keeps the hotel in high demand, even though the accommodations are far from luxurious.

Diverse Guest Profile

The hotel caters to a diverse clientele. Some of its guests are relatives of patients from a nearby main healthcare center located a few hundred meters away. Additionally, students preparing for exams also make use of the hotel’s facilities.


While China’s smallest hotel may not offer the typical comforts of a spacious hotel room, it provides a truly unique experience. The compact layout and dual-use features of the room make it an affordable choice for those seeking a quick and budget-friendly stay. Despite its limitations, the hotel continues to attract guests due to its convenient location and low rates, demonstrating that sometimes, a small and unconventional space can meet the needs of certain travelers.