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East Nusa Tenggara

In East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, agriculture, particularly rice cultivation, plays a vital role in the lives of the local communities. It’s not uncommon to come across vast paddy fields, with one of the most captivating locations being in Cancar, Manggarai Regency, on the island of Flores. What makes this area unique is its distinctive rice field layout, resembling spider webs. This agricultural pattern mirrors the traditional subak system in Bali and is locally known as “Lingko.” It represents collectively owned land used to meet communal needs and is allocated according to customary rules by the village chief. Typically, higher-ranking individuals and larger families receive more significant land allocations. Due to its uniqueness, the community has turned this place into a tourist attraction. The Capital City of Manggarai Regency To reach this mesmerizing destination from Ruteng, the capital city of Manggarai Regency, it takes approximately 45 minutes. Upon arrival, visitors are…

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