Cat Enthusiasts Seek Ukraine’s Rare Cat Breeds

Cat Enthusiasts Seek Ukraine’s Rare Cat Breeds

Exploring the Escalating Interest in Distinct Cat Breeds

In contemporary society, an increasing number of individuals are becoming entranced by the notion of adopting specific cat breeds. This intrigue becomes even more pronounced when it pertains to foreign breeds that remain relatively uncommon in Indonesia. Cats like the Lykoi, Devon Rex, and Dwelf have captured the imaginations of cat lovers with an affinity for the exotic. What sets them apart? Adoption prices that can soar from IDR 90 million to IDR 150 million per cat.

A Breeder’s Perspective on Exceptional Feline Companions

Dharmawijaya Widyatama, the owner of Marco Cattery and an expert in breeding exceptional cat breeds, offers insights into the surging interest in Lykoi, Devon Rex, and Dwelf felines. Despite the premium price tags associated with these rare companions, their demand is steadily rising within the pet enthusiast community.

“In our cattery, the adoption fee for a Devon Rex can range from IDR 60 million to IDR 90 million, whereas a Lykoi may command an impressive IDR 90 million to IDR 150 million per cat,” Dharmawijaya revealed in a recent interview with detikcom on Monday, September 4, 2023.

The Rarity of These Exceptional Cat Breeds

Cat Enthusiasts Seek Ukraine's Rare Cat Breeds

Dharmawijaya emphasizes that his cattery specializes in breeding unique cat breeds that have yet to establish a significant presence in Indonesian households. The Lykoi, Devon, and Dwelf breeds are indeed global rarities, which substantially contributes to their steep price tags. Breeding these distinctive cats is no simple task, as evidenced by Dharmawijaya’s experience, where only one out of five imported Lykoi cats survived the process.

“The endeavor of breeding Lykoi, Devon, and Dwelf cats is a formidable challenge, which is why they are not only rare in Indonesia but globally as well. Consequently, their prices are consistently rising,” he explained.

Distinctive Traits That Appeal to Cat Enthusiasts

Beyond their rarity and high price points, Lykoi, Devon Rex, and Dwelf cats possess unique characteristics that deeply resonate with cat lovers. Dharmawijaya highlights these captivating traits:

Devon Rex: Known for their curly and soft doll-like fur, Devon Rex cats boast faces that often evoke extraterrestrial imagery. They are purebred and genetically non-allergenic, ensuring a safe and comfortable cohabitation even for individuals susceptible to cat allergies.

Lykoi: Frequently referred to as “wolf cats” due to their wolf-like appearance, Lykoi cats exhibit monkey-like faces, black-blue fur with gray accents, and webbed toe pads. These domestic felines, discovered in 1990, remain relatively scarce, whether in the United States, Ukraine, or Russia.

Dharmawijaya further notes that both Lykoi and Devon Rex cats are known for their friendly disposition towards humans, which adds an extra layer of appeal for cat enthusiasts.

Sustained Demand of These Cat Breeds Despite the High Costs

Even with their relatively steep price tags, cat breeds like Lykoi and Devon Rex cats continue to witness strong demand. However, Dharmawijaya is keen to emphasize that potential adopters undergo a meticulous evaluation process, ensuring these treasured felines find the right homes.

“We receive an abundance of inquiries from individuals with substantial financial resources, including officials and celebrities. They visit our cattery, engage in frequent phone correspondence, and reach out via social media channels, all expressing their keen interest in adopting these cats. While their financial capabilities are acknowledged, it’s not the sole criterion. They must meet additional prerequisites, such as demonstrating their ability to provide a quality life for these cats, akin to the standards maintained here, and, most importantly, proving their unwavering commitment as genuine cat lovers,” Dharmawijaya concludes.